Program for manipulating the X clipboard
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2023-04-18 10:15Merge pull request #51 from SoapGentoo/release-1.2.1Conrad Parker1+1-1
2023-04-18 10:08Release 1.2.1David Seifert1+1-1
2023-04-18 01:57Merge pull request #50 from SoapGentoo/modernizeConrad Parker2+10-22
2023-04-17 10:21configure.ac: modernizeDavid Seifert2+9-22
2023-04-17 10:21configure.ac: do not add `-Werror` to compile lineDavid Seifert1+2-1
2022-03-10 06:52Merge pull request #35 from uosis/masterConrad Parker2+21-1
2022-03-10 06:52Merge branch 'master' into masterConrad Parker2+41-11
2022-03-10 06:49Merge pull request #41 from esturafd/masterConrad Parker1+10-0
2022-03-10 06:48Merge pull request #45 from CyberShadow/fix-multipleConrad Parker1+4-1
2022-03-10 06:47Merge pull request #40 from andrep/masterConrad Parker1+1-1
2022-03-10 06:46Merge pull request #39 from aaaaaaaalex/trim-newline-optionConrad Parker1+27-8
2022-02-02 22:07Fix misusing type and property atoms in MULTIPLE handlingVladimir Panteleev1+3-1
2022-02-02 21:48Fix MULTIPLE conversion requestsVladimir Panteleev1+1-0
2021-08-30 00:21Added option to add window nameEstuardo Ramos1+10-0
2021-08-26 17:04In README file: updated link to ICCCM rant to one that works. (The current link 403s.)Andre Pang1+1-1
2021-04-11 00:43add back in removed newlineAlex O Regan1+1-1
2021-04-11 00:40same newline trimming for inputAlex O Regan1+10-1
2021-04-11 00:10update helpdoc for --trimAlex O Regan1+2-1
2021-04-11 00:01output newline trimmingAlex O Regan1+17-8
2020-05-26 21:57Merge pull request #37 from emendelson/masterConrad Parker1+0-1
2020-05-26 15:37Remove interfering error messageemendelson1+0-1
2019-09-30 21:12update manualuosis1+3-0
2019-09-30 21:00set window nameuosis1+7-1
2019-09-30 20:43set window classuosis1+12-0
2019-08-21 00:11Merge pull request #31 from mckellyln/masterConrad Parker1+8-1
2019-05-17 00:20Merge pull request #32 from ony/masterConrad Parker1+4-3
2019-05-05 21:29Avoid extra char copy in strncpyMykola Orliuk1+4-3
2018-12-04 05:45Set timer value to 0 to stop timer, don't use a nullptr timerMark Kelly1+8-1
2018-01-10 03:20Merge pull request #27 from mptre/masterConrad Parker1+2-1
2018-01-08 19:18Avoid passing NULL to vsnprintf()Anton Lindqvist1+2-1
2017-11-13 21:04Merge pull request #25 from hyperair/debian-patchesConrad Parker2+6-5
2015-02-22 00:00Fix large pastesHans de Goede1+2-1
2013-06-28 00:00Fix manpage to use minus signsJoe Nahmias1+3-3
2013-06-28 00:00Fix spelling error in debug messageJoe Nahmias1+1-1
2017-08-24 03:20Use "long" for "32"-bit propertiesConrad Parker1+2-2
2017-08-24 03:19Update aclocal.m4Conrad Parker1+467-252
2017-08-24 02:40Revert "Update and rename README to README.md"Conrad Parker2+168-150
2017-08-24 01:56Merge pull request #22 from e7appew/fstat-iff-neededConrad Parker1+14-10
2017-08-24 01:55Merge pull request #21 from e7appew/fix-get_xdg_cache_homeConrad Parker1+13-2
2017-08-24 01:54Merge pull request #20 from MaskRay/masterConrad Parker1+6-6
2017-03-29 17:41Perform fstat on stdin and stdout only if required.Carlos Maddela1+14-10
2017-03-29 10:15Do not modify HOME environment variable.Carlos Maddela1+13-2
2016-12-05 07:31Fix #19 segfault when --append to empty selectionFangrui Song1+6-6
2016-09-02 02:26Merge pull request #17 from mptre/masterConrad Parker1+1-1
2016-09-02 02:26Merge pull request #18 from t6/masterConrad Parker1+4-2
2016-08-30 15:17Plug memory leak in handle_targetsTobias Kortkamp1+4-2
2016-08-25 19:06Fix segfault when stdin is emptyAnton Lindqvist1+1-1
2016-08-12 01:10Merge pull request #9 from gjuniioor/masterConrad Parker4+263-350
2016-08-12 01:09Merge pull request #15 from valeth/xdgConrad Parker1+13-34
2016-08-11 18:55Merge pull request #16 from ebiggers/masterConrad Parker1+6-5
2016-03-06 17:54Do not prematurely terminate string while receiving INCR transferEric Biggers1+4-3
2016-03-06 17:45Send correct SelectionNotify event when starting INCR transferEric Biggers1+2-2
2015-11-21 11:48create the cache directory if it does not existvaleth1+6-4
2015-11-21 11:35do not use a dotfile for the logvaleth1+1-1
2015-11-21 11:35update comments for get_xdg_cache_home functionvaleth1+2-2
2015-11-21 11:25add missing semicolonvaleth1+1-1
2015-11-21 11:20change get_homedir to get_xdg_cache_home don't write logfiles into the users home directory thats just rude :)valeth1+11-34
2015-04-19 06:32Update and rename INSTALL to INSTALL.mdGildásio Júnior2+113-182
2015-04-19 06:13Update and rename README to README.mdGildásio Júnior2+150-168
2014-10-15 10:00Merge pull request #6 from trespasserw/patch-1Conrad Parker1+3-4
2014-10-15 09:56Merge pull request #5 from zevweiss/masterConrad Parker3+106-31
2014-10-15 07:21Block terminal signals while handling SelectionRequests.Zev Weiss1+36-3
2014-10-13 16:44avoid extra atom at the end of the targets listRoman Shevchenko1+3-4
2014-09-03 08:45Give --selectionTimeout meaning in --input mode.Zev Weiss2+48-16
2014-09-03 08:26Fix setitimer(2) usage.Zev Weiss1+22-9
2014-09-03 07:51Replace AC_CHECK_LIB with AC_SEARCH_LIBS in configure.ac.Zev Weiss1+1-4
2012-02-29 18:27Also accept UTF8_STRING for INCR transfersFederico Mena Quintero1+2-2
2011-04-12 18:41Fixed man page for xsel to remove extra -dJonathan Billings1+1-1
2011-03-30 07:19Add Hans de Goede to AUTHORSConrad Parker1+3-0
2011-03-30 07:18Fix overflow of supported_targets arrayConrad Parker1+6-1
2010-12-09 06:03add Taylan Ulrich B. to AUTHORSConrad Parker1+3-0
2010-12-09 06:01Fix logic of input/output options in pipelinesConrad Parker3+485-450
2010-11-21 01:36add Sergey Mironov to AUTHORSConrad Parker1+3-0
2010-11-02 15:17xsel.c: add --zeroflush optionSergey Mironov1+23-0
2010-11-02 15:16xsel.c: fix --follow modeSergey Mironov1+21-19
2010-03-09 01:29error out if libX11 is not presentconrad1+4-1
2008-04-30 02:40When stdout is a tty, use stderr to ensure there is a newline before the shell prompt.conrad1+11-1
2008-04-29 23:52Make '-a' and '-f' set do_input = True. Patch from Yair K.:conrad1+2-0
2008-04-29 23:47use XGetAtomName instead of returning "<unknown atom>". XGetAtomName result is copied to a static buffer and then freed. Unneccesary check for utf8_atom!=XA_STRING**, and XSEL_DATA*** were removed.conrad1+16-3
2008-04-21 19:38Fix for malloc wrapper, from Yair K. (accidentally dropped from last patch): malloc(0) returns NULL on glibc. So if size==0, xs_malloc will exit with "malloc error". Make sure instead that at least one byte is allocated. At the moment, This can only happen if INCR returns *value == 0, which I'm not sure is legal.conrad1+1-0
2008-04-21 10:37Apply patch from Yair K.:conrad1+32-12
2008-04-21 06:16Apply patch from Yair K., who explains:conrad1+19-21
2008-03-24 18:18Release 1.2.0conrad2+60-1
2008-02-14 12:55add text copy of ICCCM rantconrad1+115-0
2008-02-12 10:58as it turns out we're not actually using any of the X_PRE_LIBS or X_EXTRA_LIBS either ... we basically only depend on libX11 (come to think of it, minimal dependency was one of the design goals anyway ...)conrad1+1-1
2008-02-12 10:48correct manpage section numbers: xsel in 1x (not 1), X in 7 (not 1) The change of xsel to 1x in the manpage text matches the manpage filename, and comes from the current Debian patch. As for X(7), it doesn't seem to exist, but it is referenced by xset(1) etc.conrad1+2-2
2008-02-12 04:50update URL for Unix Programming FAQ (in comments for become_daemon)conrad1+1-1
2008-02-12 04:45remove hardcoded X libraries in Makefile.am, use only those discovered by autoconf. Reported by Yair K.conrad1+1-1
2008-02-12 04:37Expand the argument array to handle combined single-letter arguments, eg. so "xsel -ao" is equivalent to "xsel -a -o". Patch by Christopher Wellons, adapted to preserve argument order and avoid potential memory leaks with multiple groups of arguments.conrad1+81-0
2008-02-10 02:02Release 1.1.0conrad1+1-1
2008-01-17 04:42add release notes for 1.1.0conrad1+65-0
2008-01-17 04:28Add basic handling of COMPOUND_TEXT. We do not currently serve COMPOUND_TEXT; we can retrieve it but do not perform charset conversion.conrad1+12-1
2008-01-15 05:41re-enable autoconf checks for X11 librariesconrad2+9-6
2008-01-12 15:29Release 1.0.0conrad3+80-1
2008-01-12 15:28add Sergey Kogan to AUTHORS (UTF-8 support)conrad1+4-0
2008-01-12 15:21update man pageconrad1+2-2
2008-01-12 14:12remove no-longer needed -u|--utf8 options. UTF8 support is now determined automaticallyconrad2+0-17
2008-01-12 14:09automatically determine whether or not the selection owner can handle UTF8_STRING, rather than requiring the user to decide.conrad1+38-18
2008-01-12 12:42layoutconrad1+7-12
2007-12-13 01:48display VERSION as configured in config.h, remove definition from xsel.hconrad2+4-1
2007-12-13 01:35bump version in configure.ac to 0.9.6-svn20071213conrad1+1-1
2007-12-11 11:31merge patch from Rorzik, for the problem reported in Debian bug #444638: "xsel clears buffer instead of outputting when backgrounded".conrad1+6-0
2007-12-05 07:26Set CFLAGS to error on warnings when using GCC, and set to gnu99 standard. However, disable strict-aliasing to allow type-punning on XGetWindowProperty. Add some casts (unsigned char <-> char) to handle warnings, as suggested by Axel Liljencrantz (original patch lost, recreated).conrad2+37-8
2007-12-05 06:42spelling/grammarconrad1+6-6
2007-12-05 06:36apply UTF-8 support patch by Sergey Kogan (Debian bug #231413) This patch adds a -u, --utf8 option for reading utf8 inputconrad2+85-11
2007-12-05 06:07apply patch from Jonas Kölker fixing a segfault in handling of delete atoms when xsel is running as a daemon (holding the selection). When it receives a delete atom, the daemon now simply exits.conrad1+3-1
2007-09-19 00:37remove automatically generated files, add autogen.sh scriptconrad8+1535-6716
2007-09-19 00:27update to 0.9.6 sources (full tarball); conversion from Imake to GNU autotoolsconrad18+7507-767
2007-09-19 00:24import of 0.9.5 sourcesconrad5+2954-0