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2023-06-22 16:02Add MIT License and rename to spatchLouis Burda3+158-139
2022-08-11 20:29Always use target dir when supplied and not when absolute pathLouis Burda1+3-12
2021-09-07 12:19removed automation scriptLouis Burda1+0-16
2021-09-02 19:04rename BINDIR to PREFIX, more standardLouis Burda1+5-4
2021-07-20 21:18small tweaksLouis Burda1+4-4
2021-03-15 22:00replaced install script with general and implemented handling of no newline at EOF as well as patch prefixLouis Burda4+58-10
2020-09-11 17:36improved matching of comments and single replaceLouis Burda2+18-5
2020-08-23 10:47removed testing files and added installerLouis Burda6+5-118
2020-08-19 16:18simple and inefficient implementation of reading and patching via unified diff format in python - ground workLouis Burda5+215-0