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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2024-03-13 19:53Handle mplay exit correctlyLouis Burda1+7-4
2024-03-13 19:44Handle exit from seekingLouis Burda1+3-0
2024-03-13 18:33Add initial rudimentary grapheme supportLouis Burda9+160-42
2024-03-10 13:34Update to new mplay status line formatLouis Burda1+11-5
2024-03-10 01:56Update to new mplay apiLouis Burda4+58-27
2023-11-12 18:45Update liblist api and remoteLouis Burda11+199-192
2023-08-17 10:25Update submodule urlLouis Burda1+1-1
2023-08-14 00:47Sort tracks and tags case-insensitivelyLouis Burda1+2-2
2023-03-16 18:21Allow saving reordered tracks in tagLouis Burda4+96-90
2023-03-16 12:32Update liblist and add keybind to sort tracks and tagsLouis Burda3+46-2
2023-03-14 00:35Remove old READMELouis Burda1+0-9
2023-03-14 00:34Add MIT licenseLouis Burda1+21-0
2023-03-07 11:01Remember playing track when reindexing tagsLouis Burda1+30-19
2023-02-19 13:35Fix mplay +EXIT messages displayed as statusLouis Burda1+8-1
2023-02-17 22:16Allow unqueuing last trackLouis Burda1+15-1
2023-02-17 22:13Show tag on global track completionLouis Burda1+33-17
2023-02-17 21:58Use SIGINT to stop player and update player status less frequentlyLouis Burda4+50-19
2023-02-17 00:09fixup! Remove files if a copy is already in trashLouis Burda2+4-2
2023-02-16 20:16Reindex selected tag on Ctrl+R & function renamingLouis Burda1+69-42
2023-02-16 17:13Fix submodule urlLouis Burda1+1-1
2023-02-16 17:09Remove files if a copy is already in trashLouis Burda1+5-2
2023-02-04 15:06Add popup for deletion of tagsLouis Burda1+44-11
2023-02-04 14:46Continue after playing track fails on mplay_runLouis Burda1+1-2
2023-02-04 14:37Improve player status displayLouis Burda7+116-156
2023-02-04 14:07Fix tag_rename selectionLouis Burda2+6-3
2023-01-29 17:02Add keybind to refresh screen contentsLouis Burda2+8-0
2023-01-28 14:51If trash tag exists, move tracks there on deleteLouis Burda4+99-70
2023-01-22 15:48Fix index_dirty not set on reindex and track_rmLouis Burda2+4-1
2023-01-12 21:56fixup! Only write to index files on data_save where necessaryLouis Burda1+2-0
2023-01-12 14:50Refactor error handlingLouis Burda16+203-121
2023-01-11 23:01Only write to index files on data_save where necessaryLouis Burda4+45-38
2023-01-11 22:44Check aprintf allocation internally and add astrdup for less OOM_CHECKLouis Burda13+55-75
2022-12-21 01:06Start mplay in command line interface modeLouis Burda1+1-1
2022-12-20 17:09Clear mplay player status on updateLouis Burda1+2-0
2022-12-18 01:45Fix autoplay for mplay backendLouis Burda3+32-13
2022-12-18 01:05player: move add_history to clear_trackLouis Burda2+13-20
2022-12-18 00:12Implement player backend for mplayLouis Burda6+376-23
2022-11-09 11:43Use PREFIX properly in MakefileLouis Burda1+6-4
2022-09-21 16:14Fix liblist submodule urlLouis Burda1+2-2
2022-05-12 10:08Remove volume patch for upstream volume resetting bugLouis Burda1+5-8
2022-05-03 22:57Implement fix for volume resetting in pipewireLouis Burda1+10-4
2022-04-20 16:37Add rename shortcuts for tags and tracksLouis Burda2+111-41
2022-03-31 18:41Call cleanup on SIGKILL and SIGTERMLouis Burda1+2-0
2022-03-31 18:33Added missing prototypesLouis Burda6+9-6
2022-03-31 18:28Replaced shuffle track selection and refactored playerLouis Burda3+171-215
2022-03-28 15:31Fix track next selection not lruLouis Burda5+19-19
2022-03-05 16:16Simplify listnav, change pane on playing track seekLouis Burda2+22-9
2022-03-05 15:20Include tag name in track pane title for visibilityLouis Burda1+22-13
2022-03-05 15:12Alert track moves to same tagLouis Burda1+6-0
2022-03-05 15:03Check destination path in copy and moveLouis Burda2+20-3
2022-03-04 16:22Added rename commandLouis Burda4+98-3
2022-03-04 15:49Semantics + Fix track selectionLouis Burda1+21-30
2022-03-01 20:01Fixed minor bugsLouis Burda3+8-3
2022-03-01 14:02Added lock for data directoryLouis Burda2+74-0
2022-03-01 13:31Separate all from visible tracks searchLouis Burda1+48-9
2022-03-01 12:47Add display timer to cmd statusLouis Burda2+25-7
2022-03-01 02:26Small improvementsLouis Burda3+56-9
2022-02-28 11:23Display loaded player track name if player.track not knownLouis Burda3+18-4
2022-02-28 11:17Fixed sorting of tracks and name completionLouis Burda2+82-17
2022-02-28 10:42Try to preserving playing track when reindexing / movingLouis Burda2+68-14
2022-02-28 10:11Fix tag some keybinds no fallthruLouis Burda1+25-21
2022-02-27 12:59Switch from mostly ref based tracking to multi-link architectureLouis Burda16+745-690
2022-02-26 12:34Update player playlist on changes to tag tracksLouis Burda5+31-23
2022-02-26 02:21Keybind for seek to playing, keybind for deleteLouis Burda5+65-5
2022-02-25 23:41Migrate away from wchar_t, default to utf8Louis Burda21+626-379
2022-02-25 00:31Refactor player interface, improve history navigation and playlist shuffleLouis Burda11+597-507
2022-02-21 17:11Added rerun commandLouis Burda4+91-32
2022-02-21 16:17Bug fixes, added select track shortcut and reindex commandLouis Burda9+181-89
2022-02-20 19:31Added keybinds for seeking to front or back of tracks / tagsLouis Burda1+12-0
2022-02-20 19:31Added MPRIS pause and play event handlingLouis Burda1+4-0
2022-02-14 13:48Use case insensitive searchLouis Burda4+24-6
2022-02-14 11:46Improve error handling, history bug fixLouis Burda11+64-45
2022-02-13 23:28Refactored main.c into many filesLouis Burda19+1597-1468
2022-02-13 16:02Added liblistLouis Burda10+22-217
2022-02-13 15:43Added command status and move and copy cmdsLouis Burda4+223-22
2022-01-29 00:01Fix inputln uninitialized, missing counterLouis Burda2+6-6
2022-01-27 02:29New list interface for fast tail accessLouis Burda13+143-134
2022-01-26 16:52Make track_show_playlist keybind switch panes automaticallyLouis Burda1+7-1
2022-01-26 16:39Prioritize ITEM_SEL style to ITEM_PREVLouis Burda1+12-12
2022-01-26 16:34Added index files, fixed cmd input bugsLouis Burda8+134-38
2022-01-24 16:53Added keybind to force window refreshLouis Burda1+3-0
2022-01-24 16:50Added tag search mode to select quicklyLouis Burda6+131-34
2022-01-23 20:46Dont rely on d_type for loading tracksLouis Burda3+22-9
2022-01-08 16:20Allow switch between playlist and tracks in hovered tagLouis Burda3+55-18
2022-01-08 14:04Closed memory leaksLouis Burda7+99-73
2022-01-07 16:45Added MPRIS controlLouis Burda9+296-46
2021-12-29 00:46More refactoring, moved track manipulation into playerLouis Burda12+259-150
2021-12-28 21:56Refactor for readability, use static line buffer for statusline etcLouis Burda4+307-204
2021-12-28 19:34In working condition, but with shitty implementation for selecting next trackLouis Burda4+135-120
2021-12-28 15:41Added panic and simplified makefileLouis Burda4+38-13
2021-12-27 16:53refactored autoplay and prev/next functionalityLouis Burda8+146-75
2021-12-20 15:25Restructured repository and added automatic make dependency generationLouis Burda22+87-66
2021-12-20 14:24Made main.c symbols static, added autoplayLouis Burda3+149-69
2021-12-18 12:11Add player queuingLouis Burda4+49-8
2021-12-16 17:32Completion search into both directions, added delay to prevent pops when seeking, small refactor for readabilityLouis Burda4+125-62
2021-12-16 16:11Switched most buffers to wide chars, added general ref class, now clear mpd errors, added track and command completionLouis Burda17+477-310
2021-12-16 12:48Implemented list navigation and other fixesLouis Burda7+156-61
2021-12-12 22:06Added playback via libmpdclientLouis Burda10+361-158
2021-12-04 12:48Added more gui interactionLouis Burda14+759-93
2021-11-30 23:31Replace readline with own implementation for integrationLouis Burda10+495-188
2021-11-30 18:46Added readline and ncurses basic setupLouis Burda4+533-0